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Are you a business owner operating in the agriculture, production & distribution segments of the food and beverage sector and have revenues from 3-100m GBP? Exploring an exit or interested in joining a larger group, please get in touch. 

 We are interested in talking to owner’s in the following arena:




Fruit & Veg


Meat, poultry & seafood

Sugar & confectionery

Are you a complimentary business to the above and operating in the following categories? Then please reach out, we are interested in exploring opportunities.


F&B Equipment manufacturers



Controlled environment atmosphere construction

F&B Automation

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SMEs vs Larger Group

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Benefits of being part of a larger group

Being a larger group provides us with more opportunity and some of the benefits associated with this are

Talent & Careers

With over 200 employees currently, hiring & retaining the best talent in the industry is paramount to our success – a larger group provides greater career prospects for our biggest asset – our people.

Best Practices

Taking A class processes & ideas from each business in the group will improve the performance across the group


 Sharing services & head office functions creates efficiencies across the group. 

Buying Power


 A collective spend in key areas of the supply chain gives better buying power. 

Business Owners

Business Owners

In a fragmented market joining a larger group could be the next phase in the development of your business.

If you are looking to explore how being part of a larger group could benefit you, or simply if you want to exit, we would be interested to talk to you.



Aquila Food Group is backed by Mergers, Acquisitions & Private Equity Firm – Opulentia Capital and a winning team:

Dr Stuart Smith - Non-Exec Chair



Over 40 years experience working with SMEs & larger businesses including extensive experience in the food industry. Stuart is a seasoned Chief Executive, Chair & Board member active in several companies.

Mark Strachan, Director

Mark has founded and sold several businesses in both the UK and South Africa in the fresh food and services arena & ran a BRC Grade A fruit export packing facility in SA with key local & international clients.

Paul Seabridge, CEO Opulentia Capital, M&A Director

Paul is the Group CEO for Opulentia Capital. Paul is a published author, global entrepreneur and leading M&A expert. He has personally transacted over 60 deals & advised on 100s more. 

Mark Birchall, FCCA, MBA, Group CFO

Mark leads the finance & group integration post acquisition. He has operated in a variety of SMEs & corporate structure from owner manager businesses, PE funded & Public Company with particular experience in acquisitions and disposals.

Sue Swanborough, Group People Director

Sue is an experienced and commercial HR Director with broad business experience and a track record of delivering business focused people agendas across different sizes of business and all areas of HR, resulting in transformation of organisations, culture and leaders.

Jack O Brien, Group CEO

Jack has over 30 years international experience in the food industry having spent time working in larger food companies like 2 sisters Food Group & Grampian, within retail with the likes of Sainsbury´s as well as within owner, operator & Entrepreneurial business with a significant track record of delivering profit & positive change.

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